Eat THIS – NOT That!

Feb 23, 2021



Eating on the go can be an absolute nightmare

It’s hard sometimes to really know what’s best

And then you get so sick of making decisions

You just don’t

And go for the

“I deserve it” side of the menu

And that’s cool

But I will say this

If you truly want to get results

You must know what you’re putting into your body

This does NOT mean you can’t eat the foods you love

All this means is putting in a little effort

To do a little research

Listen we ALL have smart phones these days

My guess is you’re reading this on one

And if you have a smart phone then you have access

To an ENDLESS library of information

If you’re out to eat

or on the go

It will take less than 10 minutes

To look up what you want to eat


Even if its to get a ‘ballpark’ idea of the calories

Again…I’m not the food Nazi

You can eat the foods you love

Just remember it may come at a small sacrifice

You need to watch portions

You’d be surprised how EASY it is to rack up 2000 calories in ONE meal

– Couple glasses of wine

– Appetizer

– Main course (even if it is healthy)

– Couple of rolls or bread along the way

– and of course….dessert!!!!

– and maybe one more glass of wine

^^ 2,000 cals hands down!!! ^^

For the ladies out there

That’s 1 and half DAYS worth of cals in ONE meal


So it just takes a little research

A small price to pay for

#1 – Enjoying the foods you love


#2 – Continuing to get amazing results!

So it’s not so much

“Eat THIS not that”

It’s more like

“KNOW what you’re eating”

Because at the end of the day, week, and month

When you step on the scale

You want to be certain you did everything you could

To get the outcome you desired.

And if you want some help with that outcome

An exact plan

A coach to help you along every step of the way

A community full of support

And endless accountability

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