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If you’re reading this I just want to say…

#1) How honored I am that you’re checking out BBF and seeing how we can possibly help you on your journey to a better body, better health, and a better life.

#2) How excited I am that you would trust BBF in helping you lay the FOUNDATION for a better body, better health, and a better life.


#3) Myself and the entire Team at BBF stand behind you 100% to help you achieve your goals. It’s not about perfection… it’s about PROGRESS!

Now I could bore you to death with a resume of achievements and accolades that I’ve received over the past 12 years of being a personal trainer and business owner but I’d much rather tell you a story. A story about transformation…which is probably the reason you’re reading this in the first place. Because you want to change…you want a better life for yourself. I get it…

How do I know? Because I’ve been there myself.

90 Day Transformation; 30lbs of Fat Loss.

So maybe you’re asking yourself how I could let myself gain 30lbs of Fat? Well, my friend, I’m human. I let life get the best of me.

See, I let EVERYONE and EVERYTHING take priority over me. I put myself dead last! I stopped paying attention to detail. I was “winging” it. I wasn’t getting enough rest at night. I was stress eating on top of that too.

Life WILL pass you up if you let it but honestly my friend it’s a CHOICE! It’s a choice to put everything else first and putting yourself last. On the contrary, it’s a choice to put yourself FIRST! It’s a choice to STOP making poor decisions in your body and in your health. It’s a choice to get up in the morning. It’s a choice to work out and train. It’s a choice to prepare your food. It’s a choice to be accountable to your nutrition and track it.

I can go on and on my friend but when it comes down to making the RIGHT choices it’s all based on a DECISION!


Don’t let life pass you by! Take FULL advantage of everything BBF has to offer!

Start today by asking yourself the same questions I asked myself when I started my 90 Day Journey:

What are my standards? Am I meeting them? If not, I need to raise them? What are the standards of success people?

What are my beliefs? Positive? Empowering? If not, I must change them.

Does my strategy support my goals? Am I getting the results I want? Do I need help? What are the actions I need to be accountable for in order to get my desired result and outcome(s)?

So….Here’s to you and your journey my friend toward

…A Better Body

…Better Health


…A Better Life


I hope my story not only inspires you but empowers you.

As a child I was very skinny, I enjoyed sports but was never good enough to play. I was always on the bench. That did not last long. After 1 year of that I never joined a physical sport again.
As the next years approached and my body started to mature, it really hit hard as to how cruel kids really are, the teasing and the taunting. At some point you start to believe the words of others. I went through the rest of my years in school barely getting by. Never applying myself.

With little ambition and no self-worth, I became pregnant at the age of 17. Up until this point my body appeared healthy but in reality I was living on fast food and junk food. I used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat poorly, and eat a lot. Pizza was a daily meal. My weight was soon out of control, beyond that of a normal pregnancy. I gained approximately 50#s with this pregnancy. Once I had the baby, exercise and healthy eating were the furthest things from my mind. I never lost the weight, or changed how I was eating.

7 years and two pregnancies later, nothing had changed other than my weight. Tipping the scale at 237#s. I knew something had to change. My list of poor eating habits was long. I ate buffet meals several times a week, I did not make breakfast an important meal of the day, I drank more than my share of alcohol, I would wake up in the middle of the night to eat anything sugary I could find, I would make desserts by the double and triple batch and eat until it was gone. There was no water consumption; I relied on soda as my drink of choice. I would sometimes go hours without eating, and of course there was the exercise, the lack of it that is.

Over the next two years I started to change my life, I shed the people that brought a negative impact to my life and filled it with people who supported the journey I was on, I started telling myself I could do things, that I was worth it.

I went and saw my Dr. who diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I started on the medication immediately. I began walking every day, which soon turned into jogging. But, I still had a lot to learn about diet. I ate barely enough calories to get me through a day. I lost almost 100# over the next year,I was thin, but not healthy. This was an impossible thing to continue doing. As soon as I started to increase my calories the weight crept back on.

I hired a personal trainer in 2010. I started seeing her once a week, learning what to eat and when. The importance of resistance training, the importance of building muscle along with the aspect of cardio. I soon started taking Isagenix, a product I still use to this day, and love. I felt myself becoming stronger, more fit, and most of all, confident. I knew I had to pass this wonderful feeling on to my family and friends.

I started signing up for 5ks, then 10ks. To this date I have done several 5ks, and 10ks. I have done 3 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 2 triathlons, 2 Spartan sprints, andd 2 Warrior dashes.

I fell in love with the whole concept of health. In 2012, I stopped seeing the personal trainer and went off on my own. I incorporated resistance training into my weekly workouts, along with my cardio. I would incorporate core into my workouts when it fit also. I knew there was no easy solution, that I had to balance everything. At first it was a challenge, and I am not going to kid you, I failed. I failed over and over. I never let it control me or consume me. I would try and correct myself at the next meal, or I would get up the next day telling myself, “It was o.k., time to move on” That has been one of the biggest things I have learned. I am not perfect, I will fail, but I can, and I will pick myself back up.

I knew my passion for health went beyond my workouts, so in 2012 I decided to get my certificate in group training, and in 2013, my certificate as a personal trainer. I was not sure what direction I was headed, until the day I met Chuck at Better Body Fitness Bootcamp. I instantly had that feeling, like this is where I belong. I loved the workout, I loved the atmosphere, and most of all, I loved the people. After sharing my story with Chuck, and discussing my goals, Chuck asked me to come on board and join the BBF team as a trainer. I accepted happily and enjoy every second of it.

I love the fact that I am helping people and hopefully inspiring people every day.

I love knowing this journey I am on is endless and full of possibilities. I thank God every day, I believed in myself and had the support from my family/friends to get out there and chase my dreams. No one can achieve your dreams for you. You have to be willing to put in the time and the hard work, and realize anything is possible.



Health and fitness have always been an important part of my life. I have always been pretty self-motivated by the feeling of accomplishment I get after completing a daily workout, but just like so many others, I have my days where I just want to stay in bed and can’t find my motivation. Knowing that I am going to see the members of BBF giving 100% and smashing their goals every day is highly encouraging and definitely something that helps me find my motivation to keep working toward my goals of maintaining my health and fitness. As a mother of three who works as a full-time middle school teacher and high school coach, I know it’s not easy to carve out “me” time, but I also know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that I can be at my best. Coaching at BBF has allowed me to meet so many amazing people, offer encouragement in big and small ways, and join you in the trenches as you navigate your fitness journey. Being a part of BBF has always been way more than just a “job” or a “gym” to work out at, it’s been part of my journey that I can’t imagine ever being without.

A diagnosis of thyroid cancer late this summer was a complete shock to me and something I never dreamed I’d have to deal with. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have the amazing support of my BBF family, I’m not sure how I’d manage to deal with the hand I’ve been dealt. From the kind words of the members I see every once in a while to the messages of encouragement I get every single day from the 5:30 am crew as I am struggling to get back to feeling good again, to the amazing team I am blessed to coach with, I have found a different “why” and a definite motivation to hopefully continue on my journey of health and fitness for the rest of my life.

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