Get the E.D.G.E. - Conquer 2022

Dec 30, 2021

 by Chuck Marbes
There's only TWO days left in 2021. 
TODAY and tomorrow. 
That's it. 
There is a great lesson in that. 
Whether you achieved your goals in 2021 or not you can only control how you show up TODAY. Tomorrow is in the future and yesterday is in the past. 
It's time to RISE up. 
You cannot predict the outcomes of 2022, but  you can predict how you will choose to show up. This is the foundation of success. The daily choice to hold yourself accountable to a high standard of healthy living. 
Being accountable is not about consequence. It's not about punishment. It's about choice and OWNERSHIP of your actions. 
Let 2022 be the year of extreme ownership. Own up to your choices. If you don't like your current standard of living then change it. 
When we were inside the four walls of the BBF studio we had a saying.  
"Get the E.D.G.E" (Everyone Dedicated to Growth and Excellence). 
THAT was the standard. 
Be dedicated to growth and expansion and be excellent at everything you do. 
"Extraordinary people do the ORDINARY extremely well day in and day out" - Coach Charles
What will your standard be in 2022? 
How will you choose to live? 
"Make everyday your masterpiece!" ~ John Wooden 
Much Love! 
- Coach Charles