Suitcases of Cement (Is Comfort Weighing You Down?) 🧐

Jun 30, 2022

 by Chuck Marbes

How are you doing? 

Are you where you want to be in your body? 

Are you feeling stuck? 

Are you frustrated? 

Have you reached a level of success and yet feel lost not knowing what the next step will be? 

Do you feel paralyzed by fear? 

Fear of failing? 

Fear of judgment? 

Fear of losing it all and falling back to a place you've been hundreds of times before? 

I have felt ALL those things and I have been in ALL those places! 

What I FAILED to realize was that my FUTURE was being DICTATED by my past. 


Think of your past like SUITCASES FILLED WITH CEMENT.

As heavy as those bags are, many of us are afraid to put those bags down because carrying them around is ALL WE KNOW> 

Even though you don't like those bags, there's a sense of SECURITY because those bags are full of FAMILIARITY. 

That's why our brain likes to go back there. 


What's even crazier is that over time the cement in those bags multiplies. Your brain becomes heavier and more cluttered with life's challenges and adult worries. 

We begin to ALLOW the past to create a flawed version of the possible future. 

Why do you DO what you've always done? 


Remember Coach Roxanne's quote from last week? 


 I have one more simple and powerful question for you. 

(SIDE NOTE: The quality of your life comes from the quality of the questions you ask yourself)

Will this weekend be any different or will you choose to remain in the familiar past? 

Do you desire something different when it comes to your body? 

In order to get something different, you must DO something different. 

And what you DO must be grounded in STANDARDS (who you choose to BE <- yesterday's message) 

My friend living life is such a beautiful and interesting journey 

You are always in control of your decisions

You always have a choice

Will you choose something different for yourself this weekend? 

Only YOU know the answer 🙌

Coach Charles