You've been LIED to! What Success Truly looks like!

Sep 28, 2021

 by Chuck Marbes

You’ve been lied to!

You’ve been taught, told, and sold that success is a straight line

That you should lose 2lbs of fat every week

That you’ll Increase your push-up game by 2-10 reps every month

That the journey gets easier as you go 


Can this really happen though?

Well, it can but success is not and never has been linear.

Success doesn’t lie in the outcomes (even though we have been taught this) aka the scale  for example

Success is in the Daily Work

Success is in the small wins
It does NOT get easier. You just get BETTER! 

You don’t control the wind, the rain, or the sun but you can control how tend to the fields. Your food, fitness, and recovery.

Just remember that goals are important.
They give us direction.
They help us build a map BUT your efforts are what truly forge your successes.
Be true to yourself!
Even losses teach us lessons. It’s what we do with those lessons that matter.

Much love

- Chuck